The Woodburn School Board passed a motion unanimously to adopt an updated Strategic Plan at last night’s meeting. Woodburn public schools have operated with a Strategic Plan for over 20 years and credits the success of its students to this document, including graduation rates and the ability to close the achievement gap.

Updating the plan is a comprehensive effort involving multiple meetings over several months with stakeholders including students, school district staff, parents, guardians, and community members. The Strategic Plan update will continue to guide spending and policy decisions for Woodburn public schools for the next five years.

Like most Strategic Plans, there is a mission, vision and values statement. The values of the school district (accountability, civic responsibility, cultural diversity, equity, learning, multilingualism, family and community partnerships, safety) are spelled out and clearly identify how students, staff, families and community make them a reality.

“Our schools are only as good as the people behind them,” said Superintendent Chuck Ransom. “We are a sum total of all parts working together: students, staff, faculty, partners, parents, guardians, community members, and policy makers.”

In addition to a mission, vision and values statement, the plan provides goals for the next five years. These include:

  • All students will graduate ready to pursue college, career options, and success in life
  • Strengthen our culture of engagement, centered in equity
  • Further strengthen our stewardship of public resources and community trust

The Strategic Plan then provides ways to measure the success of these goals by clearly identifying objectives to accomplish them. Interested parties are encouraged to view the Strategic Plan on the school district web site at

Strategic Plan 2018-2023