The Woodburn School District is asking parents and guardians to update their contact information with their respective schools. This is part of the improved school safety protocols that were developed last year.

“We need to have current information for parents and guardians in the case of an emergency,” said Superintendent Chuck Ransom. “This is part of our plan to improve communication with our community.”

The school district experienced false threats last year, which led to a community conversation about improving school safety. Phone numbers and emails will be used to communicate effectively with parents and guardians if a similar situation were to occur.

There are two ways to update your contact information. Community members can provide this information during school registration:

Woodburn High Schools: August 15-16 from 12:00 noon-7:30 pm

French Prairie Middle School: August 20-24 from 7:30 am-4:00 pm

Valor Middle School: August 20-24 from 8:00 am-4:30 pm

Another option is simply to contact your student’s school during regular business hours:

Elementary SchoolsMiddle schoolHigh Schools

Heritage – (503) 981-2600 Lincoln – (503) 981-2825 Nellie Muir – (503) 982-4300 Washington – (971) 983-3050
French Prairie – (971) 983-3550 Valor – (503) 981-2750
Academy for International Studies –(503) 980-6100 Woodburn Academy of Art, Science and Technology – (503) 980-6200 Woodburn Arts and Communications Academy – (503) 980-6250 Wellness Business and Sports School – (503) 980-6150 Success High School – (503) 980-6185