Dec 22

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Wallstreetdiscussion’ Penny Pick of the Day ASYI

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AISystems, Inc.

AISystems, Inc., formerly Wolf Resources Inc., is a systems design company that has developed a business platform for the commercial airline industry. The solution is jetEngine is an integrated system that represents a fundamental technology shift in airline resource planning. The Company’s approach is the integration of the marketing, fleet, crew, and maintenance schedules. On March 19, 2010, the Company acquired Airline Intelligence Systems Inc. (AIS), a development-stage company focused on software development for the airline industry. (OTCMarkets.com)

ASYI has printed our favorite signal, RSI positive divergence. This is the same signal that started the run for AQLV, COHO, and MHYS. ASYI has acted off RSI positive divergence before with a run from .0025 to .008 just a few days ago.

ASYI’s last reported share structure, as of November 17th is 163M O/S and the A/S is 300M. Since there has been minor volume since November 17th there is no reason to speculate a significant change in the share structure.

On December 9th, ASYI entered a letter of intent with Birthday Slam Corporation to acquire 100% of their shares for a certain amount of shares of ASYI’s common stock.

Their website http://www.birthdayslam.com/ has approximately 8.5k people signed up already. The 8K states that the website is only in the final development stage and plans to launch in early 2012, in Europe and North America with multiple languages. 8.5k is a huge number for a website that is only in it’s final development stage. We are expecting this number to rise dramatically once it hits Europe and North America.

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