Feb 29

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The $150 Penny Stock Challenge!

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Wall Street Discussions is proud to announce our latest and greatest feature for our website!

How many people do you know that would love to invest in the stock market but have always felt they did not have enough money to proceed?

We’re created a special penny stock challenge where we have opened a new trading account with only $150! That’s right! One-Hundred-And-Fifty Dollars! We are trying to show members and guests of our website that you can invest with as little as $150 and potentially make thousands of dollars!

We encourage you to start up a trading account (if you do not already have one) and join us in our challenge to turn this $150 to potentially thousands by the end of this year!

To help you follow our trades that we will be making in that account, we urge you to follow us on our new social media site dedicated for stocks: “ShareYourShares.Com” for REAL-TIME trades with this account, or come back to WSDNews.Com and click on the “Penny Stock Challenge” tab to view our trades for the day (Will be posted after the markets close at 4PM EST).

Alternatively, click here to go to the Penny Stock Challenge Tab

To help you see the potential in following our trades…
Last call (Before AERN + ATYG which are still setting up for a run and are up as much as 50%)
SNVP – Called at $0.0009, went as high as $0.0044 – 488% higher ($150 could have become $733)
HBRM – Called at $0.0005, went as high as $0.0066 – 1320% higher ($150 could have become $1980)
ASYI – Called at $0.0010, went as high as $0.003 – 300% higher ($150 could have become $450)

By following our last 3 penny picks and investing as little as $150 in each (1 at a time) could have turned the initial $150 into $3163 in just 2 months or increase your portfolio by as much as 2110% in 2 months!

When we make our picks, we do not fool around! We do thorough research of the company and call it, which is why over 9/10 of our picks have been profitable each time!


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By email: admin@wallstreetdiscussions.com
By phone: 732 851 1120
*Please note: The above number only sends a text message to us with the number you are calling from. In most cases you will receive a call back within a 24 hour period.

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