Apr 03

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Wallstreetdiscussions’ Penny Pick of the Day EVDR

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Evader, Inc, (OTC:EVDR)

ASCC is one of the major developers of India, with strong ties to Provincial and Central Government of India (NHAI- National Highway Authority of India) and World Bank funded projects. ASCC owns a total of three different companies which run into various fields, namely roads and highways, real estate and leasing/financing. The three companies offer combined revenues in the range of $7 million USD. ASCC’s reputation is based on strong customer orientation, technological sophistication and an impressive record of achievement.(Source:http://www.evadercorp.com/about.php)

Evader Inc, recently announced a merger is in the works.

ASCC www.asccindia.com/ is one of the major developers in Chandigarh, India, with strong ties to the local community and municipal governments. ASCC owns a total of three different companies which run into various fields, namely roads and highways, real estate and leasing/financing.

The company has not made a decision visa vie use of proceeds of this sale. As previously announced a share buyback program remains a viable option, and remains under consideration.

EVDR management is currently exploring various merger options (1 of 3 options) which by all accounts and in the company management opinion may take the company in a new and bold direction.

  • VOIP Company in USA with unique technologies.
  • European light machinery manufacturer. Farm equipment and similar
  • USA based marine exploration company. Salvage operations sunken shipwrecks filled with lost treasures.

Each potential subsidiary may a unique and growth opportunity for EVDR. Meetings with this

The company is extending an opportunity to its followers – shareholders to express their opinions in these mergers via www.minamargroup.net/helpdesk  EVDR management will take all opinions in consideration.

More updates will follow as events unfold and these mergers and asset sale tasks solidify further, as previously announced.

Merger’s are huge news and we could see a great increase in share price once something has been finalized.


As for the chart, on the daily the stock has bounced off of the 50SMA this is usually a sign of a continued run.


We will be looking for a target beyond .0038.


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