Aug 16

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Wallstreetdiscussions’ Penny Pick of the Day TRYF

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Trycera Financial, Inc. (OTCQB:TRYF)

Trycera Financial, Inc. (Trycera) is engaged in marketing financial products and services. The Company focuses on the marketing of network branded third party card programs. The Company has re-emerged in the prepaid debit card and prepaid payments space. The Company focuses on seeking an outside business venture or to raise funds to grow existing developmental operations. The targeted focus of the Company is to partner with businesses, which deliver non-bank personal and financial services, such as insurance agencies, micro-loan centers, rent to own, local/regional credit unions and check cashing businesses. By contracting with Central National Bank, the Company has the ability to deliver a personalized financial product with a range of features and functions designed to facilitate e-commerce and provide a network branded prepaid card to customers as a primary vehicle for delivering other financial products and services, such as bill payment and payment reporting. (Source:Reuters)

TRYF has been trading between .02-.06 for several days now and signs show that TRYF will be revisiting .06 soon. The MACD is crossed and the RSI is in a upward trend.

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